The problem message on the audit log is the session timeout,  the logout message (when you logout with a method) is different.

So, this doesn't work when is a dynaform,  because the properties comes from and mdl page (modelclass).

not about the instructions, the question is to change the language of the alert. for example:

i can change the message "this form...." to whatever i want, but the message and the "required." don't change to pt-br, even the SessionLanguage is pt-br.

for example, when i have a validation on Persistent class, the message is the following:

this is the property :

 Property Descricao As %String [ Required ];

and the version is Caché 2014.1

this occours when you try to persist an empty property in a zen page.

i'm with the same problem,

i receive a response in rest and want to take information from the response header. to imput information on request header ok, but to take the information from the response header is the problem.

i'm working with MONMGR and %SYSMONMGR, but didn't find where can i change de max value and an explanation about the how this case works.

I think in case you need to call a lot of methods in programatic mode, you can do it this way, btw is easier.