For sure Dmitriy, now i' am using windows, but probably i will use on Redhat too. but as i know, there is no way i can use only ".CSP" termination. Studio verify the name, i can't create the same file with this variation, for example:

i can't create a file "teste.CSP" and "Teste.csp", Studio validate this information and don't let me create the file. but i don't have a way to force the usage of ".CSP" type.

Hi Danillo, 

we use a similar mode to do it, 

first, you have to stop caché or Freeze it,

you can create a script to start it and add it on crontab:

su "user" -c 'csession CACHE -U %SYS "##Class(Backup.General).ExternalFreeze("","","","","",,7200,"","")"'

Then you have a list of databases you have to copy, or execute a snapshot.

in the end of the script, you have to do the ExternalThaw():

su "user" -c 'csession CACHE -U %SYS "##Class(Backup.General).ExternalThaw"'

you can verify the Status, like This:


if [ $status -eq 5 ]; then
    echo "SUCCESS: System Resumed"
    exit 0
elif [ $status -eq 3 ]; then
    echo "ERROR: System is not Resumed"
    exit $status

echo "ERROR: System is not Resumed"
exit $status