· Mar 9, 2021

Working with CSP files

i have a problem with CSP files, i can create a CSP file with termination ".csp" or ".CSP" and this configuration is case sensitive, but a CLS file, this configuration is not case sensitive. there is a way i can change this to the CSP file don't be case sensitive?

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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For sure Dmitriy, now i' am using windows, but probably i will use on Redhat too. but as i know, there is no way i can use only ".CSP" termination. Studio verify the name, i can't create the same file with this variation, for example:

i can't create a file "teste.CSP" and "Teste.csp", Studio validate this information and don't let me create the file. but i don't have a way to force the usage of ".CSP" type.