Management Portal screen blank

Primary tabs

I'm able to log into my local instance of HealthShare through the Management Portal, but once I've done so, the screen is entirely blank. I'm still able to access Terminal and Studio without any issue, as well as a hosted instance's Management Portal. I've tried stopping and starting HealthShare, no luck. I've been working on this instance for the past several months and haven't experienced anything like this, and I don't know of anything that I was doing that would have broken the Management Portal. Anyone have a suggestion as to where to go from here?


Suggest that WRC is probably the best option to help you troubleshoot this issue. It can be numerous things from Security, or the system not running like it should.


can you try to log using the terminal, go do "%SYS" and run the ^SECURITY command,

if your instance security is locked down, just see if the UnknownUser is enabled, and if not, enable it and restart the instance.