Manoj Jayaraj · Dec 5, 2016
Problem in Telnet

Hello folks,

      We have recently upgraded the cache (5.x) to cache 2016. All are working perfectly. But i am struggling in Telnet.

Working Good,

      when i connect to telnet it automatically gets the username(for example when we give the system ip addr(, the ip address is taken as username) and directly goto the Password field in Telnet on old cache (5.x).

Now my problem is,

      I can't get the same from my new upgrade instance 2016. When i connect to telnet  it directly goes to username field but not to password field.

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Manoj Jayaraj · Oct 19, 2016
Upgrade to Ensemble 2016

Hi All,

We are Upgrading the Application from Ensemble 2009 to 2016.1. We have imported the user, Roles and Resources.
But the Sql Tables and Sql Procedures are not being visible in Management portal -> Security Management -> User.
Please give me a solution or basics steps for importing those.

Manoj J

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