Is there a way to create a custom ObjectScript formatting profile with Atelier?

I'm looking for something similar to the built-in controls provided with the Eclipse Java formatter.

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· Apr 12, 2017
Message Profiling

Hi all,

I was wondering if InterSystems offers any message profiling capabilities. What I mean by "message profiling" is essentially stats or metrics gathered from a collection of data submissions of a particular type. For instance, average number of segments <XYZ> in a specific HL7 V2 message type. Or the number of sections found in a HL7 V3 CDA documents.

Curious if there is anything like this provided "out-of-box".



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· Sep 28, 2016
wsHttpBinding with Cache

Hi all,

This is a real long shot, but does anyone have experience integrating MS wsHttpBinding with a Cache application?


I ask because my project had some initial design discussions for new web service communication and this specification was mentioned.


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