I am not accusing you of anything Fabian, on the contrary your results seem to show you are creating solutions yourself.

The data points can be found here: https://adventofcode.com/2018/leaderboard/private/view/130669.json
You can view the results for yourself. Nice visualiser for the results:  https://mcpower.github.io/aoc-leaderboard-viewer/

What I have seen happen a few times allready is that people from our leaderboard just copy the solution from another person in another language and submit the results without having done any coding at all. 

For example day 7 
last solution to fill top 100: 00:30:52

fastest solution part1:    00:09:27
fastest solution part2(after doing part1): 00:03:34

Someone on our leaderboard got this:
solution part1: 00:39:16
solution part2: 00:00:13

He did the second part in 13 seconds while the fastest person on the leaderboard took 3 minutes and half to do it. The second solution took quite a bit of programming and the 100th player to finish star 2 needed allmost 10 minutes. Someone on our leaderboard: 13 seconds.

This means he just copied a solution from another player, put in answer 1, after that was accepted he inserted answer 2 and submitted again.

Clearly because a big price is involved people resort to playing unfairly.

I only see 2 ways to fix this:
- Remove players who have been caught cheating
- Let all people post their public repository on here and after each star rerquire them to push their solution to that repository.

This doesnt stop people from copying from other players in our competition but at least forces people to use Caché. Blantant copying will still be spotted because the code will resemble another competitors code. Also this will make it so that a copying person cant win the day anymore cause he will have to wait for at least one other caché player before he can start copying.

What are your thoughts on this?