My best result for the leaderboard was today:

Day       Time  Rank  Score       Time  Rank  Score
 15   00:10:36   312      0   00:13:22   198      0

And t hat means I am still only top 200. I was 4 minutes to slow.
How close have you guys come to top 100?


EDIT: I could have been 1 minute faster btw if I didnt submit the result of the test case as the first result. Waiting one minute doing nothing sucks.

The argumentless-For  is the worst in showing intent of the code.

A quit statement can be anywhere in the code. There is no clear definition as to where to put the condition for ending the loop.

What is wrong with a while that shows clear intent:

struct = $ORDER(TABEL(""),1,data)
while (struct'="") {
  s struct = $ORDER(TABEL(struct),1,data)