If you can provide me access to an IRIS system on GCP Cloud, then sure.

What functionality would you like to see, and what would the target audience be?

Note: I'm not around to do anything until early September


As QEWD makes use of the InterSystems Node.js connector which is available for both Cache and IRIS, the answer is yes. 


For those interested in exploring and using MicroServices with all versions of Cache today, QEWD.js has provided a very cool set of Open Source solutions and advanced functionality for a year now.

The full detail is described in the following parts of the Online QEWD.js Course:

And QEWD.js is an ideal and very powerful, modern Open Source REST platform for Cache.  See:

 And all for free :-)

QEWD supports Cache Objects for those who wish to use them via the cache.node APIs for Cache Objects.:

Your handler logic (which runs in a QEWD Worker process) has access to these APIs via the "this.db" object, eg this.db.invoke_classmethod()

The following post is a bit old and refers to how you used these APIs in EWD.js.  However, change the invocation to and the examples should work in QEWD:!searchin/enterprise-web-developer-comm...

Personally I prefer to use the Cache database as a persistent JSON database / Document Database, via the ewd-document-store abstraction that is used by QEWD, and integrate that storage into JavaScript Objects.  But Cache Objects will work with QEWD and GraphQL just fine


As I release my code as Open Source, I've no idea of usage stats.  There's growing interest in the use of GraphQL in the community I work within these days, for all sorts of reasons.

QEWD is a re-badging of EWD 3, so yes, it is supported in QEWD - which of course is straightforward since QEWD is JavaScript/Node.js and can just use the Facebook JavaScript GraphQL module.

Just making the point that GraphQL and support for it in Cache isn't something new, as those who follow our work at M/Gateway will know :-)


You could take a look at this, which was originally designed, some 4 years ago, to provide browser-based terminal roll&scroll access to VistA.   If you're familiar with Node.js, you should be able to adapt it for your own use:

The idea of connecting Node.js to Cache is to write your logic in JavaScript, except for where you need to invoke legacy code.  It makes little sense to invoke COS built-in functions such as $h via cache.node.

With that in mind, have you looked at QEWD.js, which makes the integration of Node.js and Cache very much simpler? See:

To expand the concept of using JavaScript rather than COS as the language for your logic, you might want to take a look at this: