One limitation I can see straight away is that this version only includes outdated files for Node.js (ie the iris*.node files).  All I see is iris610.node and iris700.node.  Is there a reason why the Node.js version 8 and version 10 interface files haven't been included?

Why aren't they made available using NPM, which is where a Node.js developer would expect to find such modules?


I seem to be stuck in "awaiting approval" status, so am unable to make the change you're wanting

I provided an external article link.  What do you suggest I use instead.

I entered the version number of QEWD as 2.44.23 which is what it is set to on NPM - why has this been queried?

Submitted now, awaiting approval

Since its earliest days, QEWD.js has supported WebSocket-based applications - with the WebSocket side of things all taken care of by Node.js (specifically using the module) rather than Cache/IRIS.

Now that it's quick and easy to try out QEWD with IRIS (by using my extensions for the IRIS Community Edition for AWS), you can see QEWD's Web-Sockets based applications for yourself - the QEWD-Monitor application is one that comes "out of the box" for you.  However, QEWD makes it very easy to create interactive browser/mobile Web-Socket based applications that integrate with IRIS.  See:

For information on getting QEWD running wih the IRIS Community Edition for AWS, see:

I now have QEWD working in the IRIS Community Edition for AWS environment.  To get it running I've had to create a new Container that is derived from the one provided in the Community Edition EC2 platform.

I've done all the hard work for you, and It's all documented here:

Please give it a try!

OK I seem to be on my own sorting this out...but I seem to have figured it all out.  I had to first adapt the changePassword utility to work on my derived Container, and once that was done I could use the System Management Portal - which showed me that the Callin Interface wasn't enabled.  Once I enabled that, QEWD burst into life :-)

So a question (if anyone out there is listening) - is there a configuration setting somewhere to enable the callin interface automatically when you start up the container, ie to avoid the need to manually enable it via the System Management Portal?

OK Two steps forward, one step back.

When I try to connect to IRIS via the iris.node file and use the function (from within the container) I get this error

{"ErrorMessage":"Authentication: IRISSecureStart() : Access Denied : Check the audit log for the real authentication error (-15)\n","ErrorCode":-15,"ok":0}

Any ideas what's causing it and how to fix this?