Dustin Knudsen · Jun 7
File error

Getting this error:

ERROR <Ens>ErrFTPPutFailed: FTP: Failed to Put file 'TestsDaily.xlsx.xlsx' 
(msg='Error in SFTP Put('\\Reporting\reports\Daily-Weekly\TestsDaily\To Be Processed\TestsDaily.xlsx','/TestsDaily.xlsx.xlsx') 
ERROR #7500: SSH Put Error '-2147024894': The system cannot find the file specified. [80070002]',code=0)

is this due to the file extension? Also, if its just because the file isn't there, how to fix that? 

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I'm quite new at InterSystems. I have a business process that's pointing two different business operations, but one of them I don't want it to point to.

I went through the FileSystem settings, data transformations, classes, and code to see what it could be, but I don't see why its connecting to this second operation. 

What other inner-system mechanics would I need to consider? What have might I have missed? 

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