Dustin Knudsen · Jul 20, 2021

Example of ChunkedWriter

I'm thinking to try ChunkedWriter based on the documentation I'm reading to solve an issue but could use some clarification. Anyone that could provide a usage example of this down below?

To send a chunked request, do the following:

  1. Create a subclass of %Net.ChunkedWriterOpens in a new window, which is an abstract stream class that defines an interface for writing data in chunks. In this subclass, implement the OutputStream() method.
  2. In your instance of %Net.HttpRequestOpens in a new window, create an instance of your %Net.ChunkedWriterOpens in a new window subclass and populate it with the request data that you want to send.
  3. Set the EntityBody property of your %Net.HttpRequestOpens in a new window instance equal to this instance of %Net.ChunkedWriterOpens in a new window. When you send the HTTP request (see “Sending the HTTP Request”), it calls the OutputStream() method of the EntityBody property.
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Do you still expect some echo?
Or is the question meanwhile just out of date?