Is the video of this webinar available for viewing?

Adapting the sample code to connect to my own local IRIS, how do I define the location for intersystems-iris-native. I see this line of code const irisnative = require('intersystems-iris-native'). Do I need to make a copy of one of the iris.node files from the bin directory and add it it node-modules?

Also I am using node v13.8.0 - will iris1000.node work is do I need one specific to that version?

When I run the docker up command from VSCode or if I try to run this from the command line I am getting the following error: docker.credentials.errors.InitializationError: docker-credential-gcloud not installed or not available in PATH


Is the current R4 support built into the FHIR Repository or is this represented somewhere else? Do you have any documentation?

Is there any plan to get rid of the intermediate data model and support FHIR data model directly, or is SDA3 still your approach to supporting it?

Also, do you have a time table for when STU4 support will be available  in 2020.1?



    This did work so thanks for the tip!


When I try this on my laptop I am getting the following error: The terminal process terminated with exit code: 1

Looking at the terminal output everything seems normal up to that point. Have you encountered this issue before?


Eduard, that's a good suggestion, but one issue I see is that if you are processing millions of documents, that's a lot of database overhead. Using a simple global reference with locks would work better as you would only have n files persisted up to the Pool Size. 

My next challenge is to determine a better way for the file service to pick off files from the OS folder without loading all the files into a potentially massive result set which can blow out local memory and in extreme cases quickly blow out CacheTemp DB size.