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Hi David,

We make available a large number of metrics from within the IRIS instance via REST API.  The REST APIs can be used to integrate with Azure Monitor or any other 3rd party monitoring solution that supports REST.  The exact metrics to use will be largely dependent on your application along with specific threshold values.  

As a starting point, I would suggest the following as a minimum:  

  • cpu_usage
  • db_freespace
  • db_latency
  • glo_ref_per_sec
  • glo_update_per_sec
  • jrn_block_per_sec
  • license_percent_used
  • phys_mem_percent_used
  • phys_reads_per_sec
  • phys_writes_per_sec
  • process_count
  • system_alerts_new
  • wd_cycle_time

The metrics collected are agnostic to running in Azure, AWS, or on-prem, so they are useful in any deployment scenario.  Here's a link to the all the standard available metrics and their descriptions within IRIS:


You can also create application specific metrics.  The details can be found here:


I hope this helps.  

Mark B-

Thanks @Mark Bolinsky to highlight those important KPI and links

@David Foard you can automate and have it all displayed and be free to improve the dashboards with System Alerting and Monitoring or SAM that it's free in its community edition.



Hope this helps