Hi Jordan, 

You can also use Serenji when debugging in VS Code - https://openexchange.intersystems.com/package/Serenji

It's an on-the-spot debugger from George James Software, with zero configuration for users - so you can debug whenever, wherever you are without losing focus. It also takes advantage of the latest features within VS Code itself such as CodeLenses. 

Our YouTube channel has a Serenji playlist which shows off how some of these features work - https://www.youtube.com/@GJSoftware/featured

Happy to chat if you're interested in finding out more!

Thanks, Laurel

Isn't it great when your ideas come to life so quickly... Check out our last few posts on the Developer Community, where we have been discussing our new Production component driver for Deltanji source control - a solution for the winning entry! 

Great minds think alike @Scott Roth, congratulations on winning the contest.

Link to most recent post here: https://community.intersystems.com/post/source-control-interoperability-...

Agree, Beyond Compare is a great diff tool. We have interfaced it to Deltanji source control - so it goes direct to code in InterSystems namespaces, rather than exporting the code into files and then diffing the files.  

The solo edition (free to use) is available from our website if you're using Studio. Or you can download it as a VS Code extension by installing Serenji