Laurel James (GJS) · Oct 20, 2022

Source control of Interoperability Productions

The new production component driver for Deltanji enables highly granular management of InterSystems Interoperability Productions with tight integration into the management portal. We presented it at the InterSystems UK&I summit this week and it received a great reception. 

It solves the current pain-point of Interoperability Productions being defined in a single monolithic class definition. Deltanji source control increases the granularity with which items can be managed. Instead of versioning a single class definition containing all the configuration items, this new component driver allows individual configuration items to be managed separately. Each configuration item has its own versioning and revision history and can be checked-out, checked-in, and deployed independently of any other items in the same Production.

Because each configuration item within a production class is managed by Deltanji as a first-class component in its own right, Deltanji provides all the source control, versioning, and workflow capabilities that it provides for any other component.

Watch the below clip to see it in action. 


We'll be talking about this new feature in more detail at our User Group Session on November 3rd at 3pm (GMT). Register your attendance on Eventbrite here -

To find out more about Deltanji, visit our website or drop us an email 


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Will there be a recording available of the User Group Session if we can't make the November 3rd session?

Yes there will - if you sign up via eventbrite we'll be able to email you a link to the recording afterwards. 

Really impressive feature!  I am curious (if you're willing to divulge), is this built on top of "Ens.Deployment.Utils" or did you create your own secret sauce at a lower level?  

Nice work!  This is definitely a pain point for interoperability sites, no question :)

We do leverage parts of the Ens.Deployment package, but the real secret sauce is the driver based architecture of Deltanji that lets us do this so easily.  This makes each <item> element of XData block a first class component that can be versioned, managed and audited just like any other component.

Cool stuff! Is it possible to export production elements to files with the plugin?

Yes, of course.  It's a standard feature of Deltanji. Any component can be exported to a file.

Great! What is the format of the files?

Do you support all the elements of Interoperability productions? Can you list it, please?

UDL and obviously XML for the contents of the ProductionDefinition XData block.

All elements of Productions are fully supported by Deltanji.  Specifically the following component types: HL7, X12, Lookup Tables, Business Rules, Data Transformations, Record Maps, Production Classes (class methods etc), Production Settings and Production Configuration Items.

At the last count Deltanji supports 58 different component types as standard, plus many that our customers have written themselves for their own purposes.

Could it be installed via ZPM package?

We have our own installer which predates ZPM.  I believe ZPM would be able to install Deltanji on IRIS but it is not something we have done yet. 

Many InterSystems customers are still using Caché and as far as I know ZPM doesn't work on Caché so we'd need to maintain two installers.

I see. On the other hand ZPM usage can give you a more exposure amongst active ZPM users as this is a very simple and effective approach to install IRIS software packages.

Yes, agreed.  Maybe we should port ZPM to Caché.