Good idea.  We're working on better processes for client distribution overall.

Great minds think alike - one of my demos will be of using Kafka.  And I'd be thrilled to see yours on open exchange.

We have explored the idea of creating an official IRIS driver for EF Core, but are not currently working on one.  I think David (below) has a good idea for folks who are interested in making this happen.

Unfortunately, there is no IRIS client for Entity Framework on .NET Core available.  Could your application use ADO.NET or ODBC or IRISClient directly?

You're right, decimals aren't working properly with IRISList.  We have a fix for this in-process and expect to have it in our mid-year release.

Hi Adam - 

At the moment, the jar files are only distributed as part of IRIS (the Windows installer, Docker container, etc). If distributing the client libraries in a different manner would significantly improve your development cycle, please let me know.