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· Jul 9

InterSystems Reports version 24.1 Release Announcement

InterSystems Reports version 24.1 is now available from the InterSystems Software Distribution site in the Components section.  The software is labeled InterSystems Reports Designer and InterSystems Reports Server and is available for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux operating systems.  

This new release brings along some great enhancements from our partner, insightsoftware.  InterSystems Reports 24.1 is powered by Logi Report Version 24.1SP2 and includes:

  • Customize annotations to enhance the visual representation of the attachments in PDF/A compliant document.  For more information see Adding PDF Attachment to a Report.
  • Support for common HTML tags when rendering reports in Design mode.
  • Additional capabilities in Page Report Studio to allow for more flexibility when editing reports on the Reports Server

For more information about these features and others, see the release notes available from insightsoftware.

Note that the InterSystems Reports 24.1 installation requires JDK version 11 or 17 for the installation to execute.  Please upgrade if you are using JDK 8 prior to the InterSystems Reports installation.

For more information about InterSystems Reports, see the InterSystems documentation and learning services  content.

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