· Oct 15, 2023

embedded Python over ECP

With ECP we have the option to have a collection of Frontend instances
All Frontend servers typically have a common Master in the background
Concentrating data on the Master server is the primary goal.

As a side effect, this applies also to Classes, Routines, .. anything stored in Globals.
This is probably not the most efficient setup. But rather common anyhow.

Is embedded Python code also stored in Globals?

What is the recommended solution for a similar installation?

Product version: IRIS 2023.2
$ZV: IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2023.2 (Build 227U) Mon Jul 31 2023 17:48:09 EDT
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If you're using the various IRIS-first EP workflows (setting [language=python] on a method in a class or using Python for your stored procedures, etc), then the python code is stored along with the class.  In that case, the python source is stored with your routines.  Assuming you have them stored on your data server, then it'll work just as you'd expect.

If you're using a Python-first workflow (create and `import iris` from there), you'll need to stage your .py files on all the servers.