· Jan 10

When we deploy IRIS cluster using IKO, can we add async IRIS instance outside of the cluster?

Hello, we deploy IRIScluster using IKO on Red Hat OpenShift deployed in AWS. For DR, we have another AWS region on stand by. We do daily backups. I run a standalone IRIS in the second region. I want to add it as async member to the mirror to have some essential data available in the standby region. Is this possible?

Product version: IRIS 2022.3
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It's possible to do, but it gets really tricky with the current version of IRIS and IKO.  The networking piece alone is very complex.

If you can, my advice is to wait for this to be added as an official feature of IRIS & IKO.  The design that we've been working through involves making services in each cluster so that all the mirror members can see each other, which is a far simpler design than what you need to do today.