· Feb 13, 2016

What is your favourite public CLOUD provider and why?

Hi all,

I was wondering, what is your favourite public cloud provider?

What is your level of engagement with the cloud provider? Are you testing their infrastructure? In which case I'd expect you being progressing a parallel test with at least a second provider ;-) Or, are you already running a production environment?



OK, so, let me be the first one to share my experience with one specific cloud provider.

If I'm in a quick development POC project where I need to prove something very quickly, let's say I want to test a particular architecture or infrastructure with a firewalls or web servers or some discovery services or some Docker containers configurations then nothing beats DigitalOcean IMO. If you have never heard of them it's OK :)   In the open source world and in general in the quick-prototype/demo/POC world of start-ups or preliminary-tests, they are well known. They are not a huge player on a par with the top 3, however, they are present on the west and east coast and in Canada (Toronto). They are also present in 3 sites in Europe and in Asia in Singapore. I love their super quick provisioning with most default settings as you'd expect from your own private virtual farm. Their nodes are called  droplets in the digital ocean of their cloud :-) They have a full API. They were one of the 1st cloud provider to offer SSDs and they have great documentation that you might have  come across when googling.

OK, 'nough for tonight :)

Over to you...

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Yes, DigitalOcean is quite good. I manage around 50 servers there and they don't disappoint. One issue I have is that  they don't offer backup/snapshot management. All you can do with a backup is restore it to current or a new server.  I'm used to features offered by other cloud providers, such as:

  • Browse backup disk image
  • Download disk image

But to do it in DigitalOcean I need to create a new droplet from a backup (takes time and costs  money) and browse it.

Also their in-browser-web-access is quite lacking -  they offer only VNC access, but not:

  • SSH console access
  • File explorer access
  • File explorer access for a powered off server