Why not install in several steps?
All versions are available in the wrc.



It's great that so much feedback comes together.

An advertised advantage of Atelier is the SCM functionality. How does this look like with VSCode? Is there a manual or examples? Are there differences between VSCode and Atelier?

Unfortunately, we have no experience with this yet. 

Ok, quick and dirty, try this

stream.Filename filename
propertyPath "PIDgrpgrp(1).ORCgrp(1).OBXgrp(1).OBX:5(1)"
tSC seg.StoreFieldStreamBase64(.stream,$P(propertyPath,":",2),,0)

set tSegString=""
    set tSegStringCleared="" 
    set tSegString = target.GetValueAt("
    set tSegStringCleared = $translate(tSegString,$c(13,10))
    set tSC = target.SetValueAt(tSegStringCleared,"target.{

I'll ask again so I understand you correctly. 

You want to have another OBX segment with each CRLF or another OBX:5(*) field?
More segments would create too much overhead. 
I think the IHE Radiology Profile recommends a new segment every 62k bit.

With repeated fields in OBX:5 it's not HL7 standard conform.

Or would you like an OBX:5 field with the value ABCDEFGHIJKL...

Hi, this is my method to remove the crlf. 
I check every stream and remove it. 

You could also change the operation, but the problem remains if you exchange data with other systems.

ClassMethod PDFfromBase64Stream(pFilename As %String, Base64Stream As %Stream.GlobalCharacter) As %Status
 set SGB1=##class(%Stream.GlobalBinary).%New()
 set SGB2=##class(%Stream.GlobalBinary).%New()
 set FBS = ##class(%Stream.FileBinary).%New()
 set sc = FBS.FilenameSet(pFilename)
 Do FBS.Rewind()
 Do Base64Stream.Rewind()    
    while 'Base64Stream.AtEnd{
        set temp=Base64Stream.Read()
        set temp=$translate(temp, $c(13,10))
        set temp=$REPLACE(temp, "\r\n","")
        do SGB1.Write(temp)}
do SGB1.Rewind()
    while 'SGB1.AtEnd{
        set temp=SGB1.Read(5700)
        set temp=$system.Encryption.Base64Decode(temp)
        do SGB2.Write(temp)}
do FBS.CopyFrom(SGB2)
set sc = FBS.%Save()
quit sc

Hi, excuse the late reply.

the problem was an error in Ensemble 2016.1 version regarding the resource query in the Ens.DeepSee.ActivityVolumeAndDurationKPI  

// Parameter RESOURCE = "%Ens_Dashboard:USE";

Parameter RESOURCE = "%Ens_Dashboard";

After adding the permissions it worked so far, but I had to add the deep sea resource to the user.

DB_activity rw
%DeepSee_Portal u   
%Ens_Dashboard u


Kind regards



Yes, the audit is activated, but does not issue a message. (all active)
I'll contact the WRC. 

I thank you anyway and will contact you when this is fixed. :-)



Hi, thank you so much, yes, it works the way you described it. 
I have extended the call with a username/password. This also works as long as I assign %ALL permissions to this user. 
Unfortunately, it does not work with any other role.  

The %Ens_Dashboard: Use is assigned to the user, also the RW authorization for the db's.
I'm sure it's a little something.... 


Not connected with datasource


Kind regards 



actual is the URL