IIS csp as a Default Page

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is it possible to integrate a csp file as the default page in the IIS 7?

I want reach http://localhost/csp/sys/UtilHome.csp over http://localhost/


Bill McCormick wrote in the GoogleGroup 

"There was a known problem with this in the 5.0 release and has been 
fixed. It will never work out of the box. You have to define a CSP 
application of the name "/" - the config manager used to invalidate this 
but putting it in the cpf worked - I forget if that is fixed or not. 
After that it should all just work. Feel free to log an issue with 
support if it still fails in anyway. "


But I didn´t understand this solution. 
I hope someone can help me.


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thanks for the answer, but it doesn´t work with my settings in the Module Mapping, the * Wildcard make some troubles. 

Maybe I'll try it again soon on a test system


despite it is documented, please try to enter the IIS default document name without the preceded /

it should be : csp/samples/menu.csp

HTH, please let us know.