Making use of Multiple Sub Transforms in a main map || HL7

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For a HL7 production, How will I be able to use two different segment level transformation (sub transform) in the main transform.

For Ex:
Few mappings from source PID --> target ZAX segment (subtransform 1)
Few mappings from source PV1 --> target ZAX segment (subtransfrom 2),

In the main mappings, I have used subtransform 1 followed by subtransform 2. It doesn't seem working fine.

Any suggestions please. Thanks:)

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did you remember to use the existing setting in the second transformation?

Can you describe the error in more detail?
I don't think I fully understand the problem.


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Hi Armin,


Basically I am trying to implement two sub-transform:

1. Copying few fields from PV1(inbound) to ZAX segment(outbound)


2. Copying a few fields from PID(inbound) to ZAX segment.(outbound)


For the 1st sub transform I have used "new" and for the second sub transform "Existing"

In the main transform; have mapped them according: 

I don't see an error; however I don't see the expected output. I can only see that the 1st sub transform has worked properly and not the 2nd one.