Not only external code, but IRIS itself would probably stop working ;-)
But setting it as a ClassDefinition option should be feasable, then the class compiler could convert 'standard' precedence to ObjectScript precedence.

I consider myself a 'real' developer, but if I'm developing with/against clusters, containers, WSL, K8S etc, I think the beefiest the better. OS doesn't matter, but i9 grade and 32 GB is minimum. 4K partitions on DSM-11 doesn't do it anymore.

Except that calling Python is about 10x slower, although it gives probably the value that you want.
$Now() gives a different value because it doesn't take Daylight Savings Time into account.

Yes, it can, ECP seems to be compatible between IRIS and Ensemble (or Cache)
We will use it for migration to IRIS too, first add an IRIS ASync member to the mirror and then later promote it.
We only have done this in a test scenario, so no guarantee ;-)


I don't know what you call slow, but a class with 24 mio objects shouldn't be slow.
Even in our biggest class with 3 billion objects a rather complex query takes about 30 secs.

The only way you could accomplish this is by watching the journal files, there would be journals like "Set Global" and "Kill Global"

IRIS isn't suitable (nor meant to be) running on the edge or inside containers for that matter.
As its name implies it is a Data *Platform* a framework on its own for running large-scale mission-critical applications.
IRIS Agents or ECP Clients or whatever you will call them could extend IRIS to the realm of containers and edge applications.