Muhammad Waseem · Aug 5, 2021

ERROR: #1026: Invalid command : 'write


I am getting following error while compiling a routine :

Compilation started on 08/05/2021 12:58:31 with qualifiers 'cku /checkuptodate=expandedonly'
Compiling routine : demoroutine.mac
ERROR: #1026: Invalid command : 'write "Use one of the following options"' : Offset:6 [write^demoroutine]
 TEXT: write "Use one of the following options"
Detected 1 errors during compilation in 0.022s.

Please note that Routine contains just a below simple write command :
write "Use one of the following options"


Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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Did you put a space (or a tab) at the beginning of the line ?
<tab>Write "xxx"

No I didn't

By adding space it is working fine.