Yone Moreno · Oct 4, 2022

[Off-Topic] Is it recommended for a software developer to buy their own personal laptop or computer?


First of all thanks for reading this post and thanks for replying:

I think it could be obvious or a little bit naive but I was wondering if a software developer needs as a must or should get his/her own personal laptop or computer, appart the one from their own bussiness or company?


What laptop or computer would you recommend for personal use? For general purpose: programming, leisure, surfing the net, etc.


Thanks for your replies.


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A real software developer doesn't care about the hardware or operating system.
Specific hardware is a subject for gamers.

I would agree with you Robert. Even if the hardware is slow or fast its still you inputting the data. 

I consider myself a 'real' developer, but if I'm developing with/against clusters, containers, WSL, K8S etc, I think the beefiest the better. OS doesn't matter, but i9 grade and 32 GB is minimum. 4K partitions on DSM-11 doesn't do it anymore.

Oh yes, some 45 years ago, 2K (for caretaker and despooler), 4K as regular partition. Nowdays you need 2GB or 4GB! Just a factor of 10^6. And yes, I feel as a real developer too. The problems solution matters, not the tools.  


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