I have just received an email digest for a post I submitted as someone has added an answer but it was not clear from the digest why I had received the digest or what had changed.

1) When reading the digest in Outlook it has poor layout and style

Main text is light green on white background - poor contrast

2) Not clear what has changed, ie what should I do as a result of getting this email

Would prefer something like

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If I am in a community on this website looking at articles would expect a search box at top so I can search within this community.

1) The search top right is too general (I don't want to have to sub search, refine or just ignore irrelevant results)

2) Most forums have the ability to easily search within them on other sites, which is what as a user I would expect

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I am looking for a database management tool I would have expected to find something like on the SMP website


show current database usage (ie size allocation) by database then table etc and allow continued drill down,

show information as a table, so can then sort by size to find the biggest item easily

also show it graphically

And then have ability to track and trend growth in size over time

identify a normal growth pattern

alert if variation (higher or lower) from normal based on recent trend

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