1 Number of items per page

Would be good to be able to select how many articles you want to see on page, as when generally browsing it is easier to scroll quickly and check the topic post title for a long list of posts, then have to click click NEXT after viewing 10 or so posts.

2 Page loads are slow

Also the speed of site is slow so if you click NEXT (which doesn't work) but click the numbers 1,2,3, etc to move to the next page it takes a (what seems like) a long time for the next page to load, which is annoying if generally trying to browse.

3 View of topic list is not compact enough 

It is easier to use google groups which has a more compact view of topic heading, first few lines, etc

A lot of forums show the experience of the poster with a badge or some other form of indication eg guru, expert, ISC Staff


And allow people to vote for useful reviews etc to help people win badges and reward good comments and feedback 

Thanks, it would be really useful to have a new community for 3rd party addons, compatible 3rd party apps (ie marketplace/partners)  so as an Ensemble user can find a list of all 3rd party tools in one place. And then have news of updates in those areas.

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