· Jul 14, 2016

is there a tool to easily profile size usage within a database

I am looking for a database management tool I would have expected to find something like on the SMP website



show current database usage (ie size allocation) by database then table etc and allow continued drill down,

show information as a table, so can then sort by size to find the biggest item easily

also show it graphically


And then have ability to track and trend growth in size over time

identify a normal growth pattern

alert if variation (higher or lower) from normal based on recent trend


is there a tool that can do this, or a 3rd party tool, even it can only operate via standard SQL JDBC/ODBC to get a partial view.


Or, how else do people manage and track size?

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There is ^%GSIZE which will give you an overview of the usage per global. However, if you have a normal size database (>1TB) this is going to take a while. 

I have written statistical approaches in the past. I'll clean up one of them and post it on the community if there is enough interest. (that one actually has a graphical display of the results) 



Fabian, yes, it would be interesting to hear more on your approach.

Recently I faced the similar problem: we were asked for a tool to estimate a size of each global from the top N biggest ones. Our solution is to calculate the global sizes on regular basis (using a Cache Manager's Task) and to transfer the results to external SNMP server (using our own customized MIB). Visualization is provided by SNMP server (we and our customer use Zabbix).

As to global size calculation speed, in our case it takes about 30 minutes for 1TB database. Only allocated space is estimated.