Thanks @Luca Ravazzolo !

The snapshot feature is indeed pretty new. I even had to change the version from to while working on the article.


s sc=##class(%ZEN.Auxiliary.jsonSQLProvider).%WriteJSONFromSQL("json","SELECT Name FROM Sample.Person")

While the idea is essentially the same (REST API) - each cloud provider uses slightly different calls and signatures to access data in the storage bucket. So unlikely you'll find a single example that works for every provider.

IRIS External Table  contains Object Script implementation of the storage bucket adapters for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. - would give you an idea on how to use adapters directly.

"Widely" might be an overstatement for this particular discussion. Nor it equates it to any "Guidelines", official or de facto.

In Atelier, if I migrate the code, originally written in Studio (or any other code, already residing on a server) it ends up in a predefined location which is not src

Funny thing that this repo is not following guidelines Evgeny referring to :)

Hmm... that document says nothing about how source code needs to be packaged for GitHub repos. And that's the part video refers to.  What am I missing?

Where can I find these Code Guidelines, you are referring to at ~4:45?

I am using Atelier and it doesn't put Classes and Routines under the src folder.