Olá Comunidade,

2020 foi repleto de ótimas aplicações! 

Quase 400 apps já foram submetidos ao InterSystems Open Exchange! Além disto mais de 200 apps foram submetidos para nossa galeria de aplicativos em 2020!

Estamos muito satisfeitos em poder apresentar os melhores desenvolvedores e os apps mais baixados do Open Exchange que você certamente deveria experimentar!


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Great job @Anton Umnikov and also for the mention of the K8s recently released-to-GA snapshot feature!

¡Hola Comunidad!

2020 nos trajo un montón de aplicaciones increíbles.

Casi 400 aplicaciones ya han sido subidas al Open Exchange de InterSystems. De las cuáles, más de 200 se subieron en 2020!

Por ello, estamos encantados de anunciar los mejores desarrolladores de Open Exchange y las aplicaciones más descargadas, que indudablemente deberíais probar.


Vamos a echar un vistazo a nuestros "héroes" y sus extraordinarias aplicaciones:

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Hi Community,

2020 was full of great applications! 

Almost 400 apps have already been uploaded to InterSystems Open Exchange! And 200+ apps uploaded to our applications gallery in 2020!

We're so pleased to introduce the best Open Exchange developers and the most downloaded apps that you should definitely try!


Let's take a closer look at our heroes and remarkable apps:

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Hi Nigel! Thanks! Actually, I already crafted the module following @Anton Umnikov's advice above.

Check @Anton Umnikov's article if you want to use AWS S3 resources as datasets for your IRIS Analytics solution. Also added into resources list.

Hi @Anton Umnikov excellent work on this (and a lot of it too).

I was wondering if you can check the stack into an intersystems github repo so I can suggest some changes  and additions to the CF Template through a PR?  If not I can create one out of band too but thought it would be nice since its available to have it hosted in CC.

Hey Developers,

We're pleased to invite you to join the next InterSystems IRIS 2020.1 Tech Talk: Using InterSystems Managed FHIR Service in the AWS Cloud on June 30 at 10:00 AM EDT! 

In this InterSystems IRIS 2020.1 Tech Talk, we’ll focus on using InterSystems Managed FHIR Service in the AWS Cloud. We’ll start with an overview of FHIR, which stands for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources, and is a next generation standards framework for working with healthcare data. 

You'll learn how to:

  • provision the InterSystems IRIS FHIR server in the cloud;
  • integrate your own data with the FHIR server;
  • use SMART on FHIR applications and enterprise identity, such as Active Directory, with the FHIR server.

We will discuss an API-first development approach using the InterSystems IRIS FHIR server. Plus, we’ll cover the scalability, availability, security, regulatory, and compliance requirements that using InterSystems FHIR as a managed service in the AWS Cloud can help you address.


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Hey Developers,

Thanks to all participants of InterSystems Developers Meetup at InterSystems Global Summit 2019! Great speakers, great sessions! 

Here're some photos from the meetup:


Big applause for @Evgeny Shvarov, @Eduard Lebedyuk,  @Dmitriy Maslennikov, @Anton Umnikov and @John Murray

More photos from Global Summit 2019 you can find on InterSystems Developers Twitter or by following our official hashtag #GlobalSummit19.

Your feedback is very welcome! 

Agenda update for the meetup: 

"InterSystems IRIS and the Cloud" session by @Anton Umnikov 

“In this session we'll talk about how IRIS can interoperate with various components of the public cloud ecosystem, such as S3 storage, SageMaker machine learning framework, Elastic Map Reduce and others.”

Space is limited, RSVP today! wink

Hey Developers!

Please join the upcoming InterSystems Developers Meetup in Boston which will be held on September 25th, 2019! 

It will take place in Boston Marriott Copley Place from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

We meet to discuss solutions development on InterSystems IRIS. Come to tell your stories and share experience with InterSystems data platforms, for networking and developer conversations. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

The format is usual: 15 min for a session, 5 min for Q&A. 

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Hi Community!

This is the update on what are the new applications submitted on OpenExchange in May 2019

New Applications

Background Jobs over ECP published by @Robert Cemper

An internal variant of a PIPE

Simple Remote Server Control published by @Robert Cemper

Simple monitoring of several servers at a lightweight level

iris-nodejs-101  published by @David Reche 

This application demo a REST API build in node.js able to receive HTTP GET, POST and DELETE of custom JSON 

Sea Battle  published by @Evgeny Shvarov

Simple terminal game an approach to "Sea Battle". Example of simple ObjectScript method calls and terminal interaction The code is an ObjectScript remake of Python example in CodeAcademy

PHP-module for Caché published by @Sergey Kamenev 

This is PHP-module for InterSystems Caché. In current moment module works only locally, on same server where running Caché. Module has excelence speed because uses c-callin interface for access to DB.

PHP-module for IRIS published by  @Sergey Kamenev 

This is PHP-module for InterSystems IRIS. In current moment module works only locally, on same server where running IRIS or Caché. Module has excelence speed because uses c-callin interface for access to DB.

TSQL Checkers v.1.0.0 published by @Anton Umnikov 

Demonstration of TSQL support in InterSystems IRIS. Checkers game

isclib v.2.1.0 published by @Kyle Michel 

Go library for interacting with InterSystems Corporation products like Cache and Ensemble<--break->

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Hi @Anton Umnikov ! Thanks for raising this topic. 

The question of the most acceptable folder structure widely discussed already on community. 

As for Atelier, - why do you care where it puts the code? I believe you can maintain your code in a folder structure you like and let Atelier compile it and bring back in a place it took it, right?