Hello @Robert Cemper,

thanks for your reply on this 5 year question surprise

My question was more on references using Data Connectors on production.

We can update cubes based on external tables using data connectors through ProcessFact().

Sinon, je vais très bien, je te remercie et j'espère qu'il en est de même pour toi. En voyant ton infatigable activité, je devine que tu vas bien.

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The alternative installation of Caché on the Mac OS X is much like the installation on any UNIX® platform.

To install Caché:
  1. Obtain the installation kit from InterSystems and install it on the desktop (tar.gz)
  2. Log in as user ID root. It is acceptable to su (superuser) to root while logged in from another account.
  3. See Adjustments for Large Number of Concurrent Processes and make adjustments if needed.
  4. Follow the instructions in the Run the Installation Script section and subsequent sections of the “Installing Caché on UNIX and Linux” chapter of this guide.

Hi Evgeny, 

this code was written while upgrading to an async mirrored a DeepSee remote instance (originally based on a shadow server configuration + ECP access to ^OBJ.DSTIME global from DeepSee instance to production. It was before DSINTERVAL was created). 

Of course this sample can be modified to add/remove/modify any other parameter by modifying the query on %Dictionary.ParameterDefinition to filter any other parameter you are trying to add/remove/modify.

To export globals in XML format, use $system.OBJ.Export :

d $system.OBJ.Export("DeepSee.TermList.GBL","/data/TermList.xml")