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I started in InterSystems in April 2012 and spent nearly 8 years in Support before moving in Sales Engineering.  I consider myself a generalist professionally and personally.  I dabble in everything and have a passion understanding how things work together.

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The scenario that I can hypothesize that would produce these results are around the client timing out before the query finishes executing on the server. 

Query 1 fails because you have to do a join on the two large tables and your only where clause is against a property that is not indexed.

Query 2 succeeds because object IDs are "indices by nature".

Query 3(from your comment) succeeds because you are filtering out hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of Ens.MessageHeader objects in your join by using a where clause against and indexed MessageBodyClassName property.

I would recommend reaching out to InterSystems WRC to review the query cost and overall performance to confirm or dive deeper into the failures.

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