· Feb 21, 2019

Enabling SOAP Client and Server

I'm trying to test SOAP integration by using one Ensemble production to send a SOAP message to another production, but I'm seeing the following error when I try to pass a message between the two:

ERROR #6248: SOAP response is a SOAP fault: faultcode=Server
faultstring=Internal Server Error
<error xmlns="">
<text>ERROR #7900: Service 'SOAP' not enabled for application '/csp/healthshare/hspc/'</text>

I'm following this guide to creating a service, and I've done the following steps which I expected to enable SOAP:

  • Set ^SYS("Security","CSP","AllowClass","/csp/healthshare/hspc","%SOAP.WebServiceInfo")=1
  • Set ^SYS("Security","CSP","AllowClass","/csp/healthshare/hspc","%SOAP.WebServiceInvoke")=1

The actual root of the error is proving tricky to find - does anybody know (or have a guess about) what I should do to fix this?

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