I found myself in the not-so-comfortable situation of working with a Linux system on which someone had accidentally disabled user access to the Linux shell. HealthConnect was running, servicing hundreds of interfaces. To resolve the access issue, though, we needed to bring the host down for the application of a fix.

Without the shell, the iris command is not available to control the instance, so we were faced with the potential of shutting down the server ungracefully. We wanted to avoid that if possible ...

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· Jul 16
Add Zen component

Hi Guy,

I'm currently using a classmethod to load my page's display content in a form of html want look good, I'm wondering if I can add a Zen component in my classmethod eg. <dataCombo> or Label...etc?

I've tried the bit of code (circled in red) but didn't work


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Is there a way to generate an MD5 checksum of a file by performing a checksum against the file's parts? We potentially have to process large files and therefore cannot keep the entire file in memory. From what I understand checksum related logic is typically stateful, allowing file data to be passed through sequentially, however it appears cache script offers only stateless functions offering a simple method of generating a single checksum hash from a single string (or stream), correct me if I'm wrong?

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Our client getting sometimes this error and we need to change port number on JavaGateway process to continue,

Failed to start the Gateway server: ERROR #5023: Remote Gateway Error: Communication failure on port: 5000
> ERROR #5001: External Language Server: invalid ping response

Can you tell as why it is happenning? intersystems runtime is under linux.

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when using $zt($P($H,",",2)) from terminal it gives the correct local server time but when using it in my cache code it gives an incorrect time (5 hrs difference)

but from the code it gives 13:14:54 !?


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Could any one tell me, how the index works in cache db, Consider for example, I have a table called "Employee" and the fields as "EMPID, EMPNAME, EMPAGE" and I am having index for EMPID as IDX_EMPID and trying to get the record using the following query as


and the table data be like


001 ABC 20

002 AAA 21

003 ABB 23

004 BBB 20

005 BDF 24

006 EEE 22

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I have an HL7 message that contains NTE segment with line break inside.

when I try to transform it (with DTL) it stops reading the message after the line break inside the NTE because it treat that as "End of Message".

Is there a way to solve this in the DTL or I need to run a pre process on the HL7 message that identify the line break inside the NTE segments and replace it with an escape char?

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Have you ever imported an XML schema from an XSD file? You might want to look at the original file again sometime later, but forgot where you put it.

Do not worry, that information is being kept as part of the import process.

The whole imported XSD schema is being kept in the ^EnsEDI.XML.Schema global. That global holds all the imported XSDs in your namespace. The first subscript is the name of the schema that you see in the portal.

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