· Jun 16, 2023

Web Terminal - HTTP ERROR 401

I am trying to add Web Terminal as a feature for my team to use. 

I installed webterminal via zpm "install webterminal" ran on %SYS on our Development box.

%SYS>zpm "install webterminal"

[%SYS|webterminal]      Reload START (/ensemble/DEV/mgr/.modules/%SYS/webterminal/4.9.6/)
[%SYS|webterminal]      Reload SUCCESS
[webterminal]   Module object refreshed.
[%SYS|webterminal]      Validate START
[%SYS|webterminal]      Validate SUCCESS
[%SYS|webterminal]      Compile START
Recompiling WebTerminal, skipping the deletion...
Installing WebTerminal application to %SYS
Updating web application "/terminal"...
WEB application "/terminal" is updated.
Assigning role %DB_IRISSYS to a web application; resulting roles: :%DB_IRISSYS
Updating web application "/terminalsocket"...
WEB application "/terminalsocket" is updated.
Mapping %WebTerminal package into all namespaces: %All
WebTerminal package successfully mapped into all namespaces.
[%SYS|webterminal]      Compile SUCCESS
[%SYS|webterminal]      Activate START
[%SYS|webterminal]      Configure START

And configured the web application/terminal...

and gave my Developer Role access to Read, Use, Write Web Terminal. However when I go to try to launch the web terminal I am getting 


I am not running any kind of SSL requirements through the Web Gateway or built in Apache. Can someone tell me if I missed something or how do I resolve this issue? If I change the Web Application to unauthentication then a page will load but it will be blank.

We use Delegated Authentication against AD to verify the user group before allowing access, because I am using ZAUTHENTICATE could that be an issue?


What I noticed by looking at the Security Audit is that when I click on the Web Terminal link it is claiming I am a UnknownUser - /terminal login failure. How to I get it to prompt a user for a user name and password?

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
$ZV: IRIS for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 for x86-64) 2023.1 (Build 229U) Fri Apr 14 2023 17:16:34 EDT
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