· Jun 17, 2021

Visual Studio VS Atelier


Want to know which one is better development tool between Visual Studio or Atelier for objectscript development. 



Product version: IRIS 2020.1
$ZV: IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2020.1.1 (Build 408U)
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Undoubtedly VS Code. There are new ObjectScript Plugins being developed all the time and now that you can start using Python and R in the latest IRIS 2021.1 (in the Early adopter program) you just add the appropriate Extensions for these languages as well. It is very obvious that VS Code is growing in popularity just by the sheer volume of extensions available. The extensions for ObjectScript include the Server Manager, gi::locate, gi::connect, ObjectScript Language Server, CacheQualityQ for both VS Code and Cache Studio that helps you write better code. The built-in Source Control connects to GitHub or private GitHub servers and there are a number of GIT extensions. I'm just waiting for someone to add support for the graphical DTL, BPL, and Business Rules (though of course, you can do those through the Management Portal (which you can also run within VS Code). Personally, I hated Atelier and as I had used Cache Studio for roughly 30 years the idea that I might want to use a different Editor never crossed my mind and Atelier was just scary for a simple developer like me but VS Code changed all that. I still use Cache Studio though (it's a hard habit to break, not that I particularly want to break that habit)



The VS Code ecosystem for Objectscript is evolving fast.  And because it is community driven there is plenty of choice of extensions.

If you are likely to be working with more than one IRIS server then you should check out the InterSystems Server Manager extension.  And for code editing you have a choice of the basic vscode-objectscript or Serenji.

Then for debugging there is some support in the vscode-objectscript extension or you can purchase the premium debugger option for Serenji.

But as Nigel says, check out the VS Code market place, there are quite a number of interesting and useful extensions to choose from depending on your needs.