Muhammad Waseem · Jun 30, 2021

Version mismatch. Studio version 2020.1.1


I am running InterSystems iris 2021.1 from the container and I have version 2020.1.1 is installed locally. While running studio locally I am getting below error message:

"Version mismatch. Studio version 2020.1.1 unable to connect to server version 2021.1
Upgrade to a later version of the client to resolve this error"

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Product version: IRIS 2020.1
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There is a stand alone studio called "IRIS studio" that can be installed independently (no need for IRIS install).

If you download the latest version it will support "backward" all versions of Cache/IRIS 

I am receiving the same error trying to launch Studio from HealthShare Health Connect IRIS 2022.2 from my local PC to connect to the server. So we can't have two versions of Intersystems running on the same PC. I have both HealthShare HealthConnect 2018.1.3 and Health Connect IRIS 2022.2?

Hi @Scott Roth. I'm sure you have access to WRC
under Previews there is a standalone kit Studio-2022.
and it is backward compatible as usual.