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In general, SOAP should be used over should probably be used over CSP as CSP is only recommended for legacy applications:

There's a lot of different ways the difference in latency could be added, from Authentication differences to how the page is being handled.

As SOAP is still getting active development, it's also possible that optimizations have been built in for SOAP that haven't for CSP.

Others may be helpful for how to code optimizations in the CSP page if you want to go that route, but SOAP is the preferred way.

Hello Dustin,

Studio usually has this enabled by default to constantly appear.  Jan Stenson made a great post about comparable features in Studio and Atelier:

It's possible at some point this feature was manually disabled, so you can check the Studio Assist feature.

Additionally, VS-Code is the new IDE that has a lot of these features also built in:

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