· Jan 23, 2020

Uploading gif/image into CSP page

Ok so I am way outside of my comfort zone, and had to build an application using CSP to give users the ability to access SQL configuration tables. These SQL Configuration tables will affect the data that is sent to the downstream system. 

I saw in the examples where we were able to import GIF's/IMAGES into the CSP folders to use as a reference in our CSP pages. My question is how do you do that? If I try to import through studio, it tells me the file is invalid.

Just trying to make it a little more user friendly then blocks on a page.

We are currently using Health Share 2018.1.3



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Hi Scott,

The CSP folders will be located on your system where you have installed HealthShare. This means you can just move your images to this directory and then your apps should be able to reference them.

The documentation for the <image> tag has a few hints:

"If provided, src is the URI of an image to display. If src is the relative pathname of a file, it is understood to be relative to the Caché installation directory. Typically this path identifies the images subdirectory for your Zen application, for example:
<image id="myFrame" src="/csp/myApp/images/myPic.png" />"