Scott Roth · Oct 6, 2020

Securing your Management Web Portal moving from http:// to https://

I was wondering if there was a certain procedure or documentation on securing (Https://) the Web Portal into IRIS/Ensemble?

Currently we are using LDAP Delegated Authentication to access the Web Portal using LDAP. However as more and more emphasis is put on securing applications within networks, I can see Management/Security asking us to make sure that the web portal is more secure.

Maybe I am not looking at the right place for documentation, but is there a Best Practice guide, set of instructions, or Online learning that can help guide me in trying to make our environment more secure?

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There is only one way to do it, is to use any supported webserver, Apache or Nginx, and do not use built-in apache. Configure the chosen server to work with InterSystems products. And configure SSL for that server, in any way by instructions you can find on the internet.


I’ve posted the article and git repo while ago probably exactly what you are looking for.

Only if you can handle Japanese and docker....