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I’ve posted the article and git repo while ago probably exactly what you are looking for.

Only if you can handle Japanese and docker....

Hi Tim,

Assuming you are extending EnsLib.MsgRouter.RoutingEngine, does this work for you?

Mentioned briefly here.

Class User.MyRouter Extends EnsLib.MsgRouter.RoutingEngine
Method OnPrepareReply(request As %Persistent, ByRef response As %Persistent)
  Set response=##class(Ens.StringContainer).%New()
  Set cnt=$this.%ResponseList.Count()
  For i=1:1:cnt {
    Set messageHeaderId=$this.%ResponseList.GetAt(i)
    Set messageHeader=##class(Ens.MessageHeader).%OpenId(messageHeaderId)
    Set messageBody=$CLASSMETHOD(messageHeader.MessageBodyClassName,"%OpenId",messageHeader.MessageBodyId)
    Set response.StringValue=messageBody.StringValue_"|"_response.StringValue


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