· Aug 9, 2023

Reports roadmap

We are about to embark on a development where we'll be taking HL7 messages and generating PDF reports from them. We are wanting to future proof our development efforts within the constraints of our currently deployed platform and future upgrade options. We are currently running on Ensemble 2018, though an upgrade to Iris is anticipated - at some indeterminate point in the future. We are aware of Zen Reports and InterSystems Reports (Logi) as technology options, but are also unclear on some details. A roadmap and guidance from those who've done this kind of thing before would be great!

  • Are InterSystems Reports available on Ensemble, or only on Iris? (ie could we use InterSystems reports from the start?)
  • We are aware of the end-of-life announcement (Zen Reports to be removed from InterSystems IRIS and IRIS for Health) for Zen, so would prefer any new developments not depend on Zen. Its not yet clear what version of Iris we'd move to at point of upgrade. 
  • Any other options for HL7 -> PDF generation?

Specific application is a labs results ORU message to PDF report, if that makes any difference.


Product version: Ensemble 2018.1
$ZV: Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2018.1 (Build 184U) Wed Sep 19 2018 09:09:22 EDT
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Hello Colin -- InterSystems Reports did indeed become available beginning with IRIS/IRIS for Health so are not available on Ensemble.  I'd be happy to talk more with you about this to see if there was something else we could work out.

Another option would be to access your data via ODBC/JDBC and use a third-party BI tool like MS PowerBI or Tableau if that would meet your needs.

Carmen, thanks, that's really helpful. If we need further information we'll reach out - as is so often the case, I'm doing some technical investigation for a development that may not ever be tackled, or may be tackled in a different way, or whose specifications will change wildly before we tackle it, or...!!!