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· May 24, 2023

Zen Reports to be removed from InterSystems IRIS and IRIS for Health beginning with version 2025.1

InterSystems is announcing an end of maintenance event for Zen Reports beginning in Intersystems IRIS and IRIS for Health 2025.1.  This follows the deprecation notice made when InterSystems IRIS was introduced in 2018 and subsequent inclusion of InterSystems Reports in 2020 to provide replacement reporting functionality.  An overview of the timeline is:

March 2018.   InterSystems IRIS 2018.1:  Announcement of Zen Reports deprecation, continued shipment to provide continuity for existing applications

April 2020.     InterSystems IRIS 2020.1:  Intersystems Reports incorporated as part of user-based InterSystems IRIS and IRIS for Health and Advanced Server licenses

May 2023.      End of maintenance notification for Zen Reports

2H 2024.        Zen Reports available as an ipm module

1H 2025 (InterSystems IRIS 2025.1)   Zen Reports package removed from InterSystems IRIS and IRIS for Health distributions

InterSystems introduced InterSystems Reports, powered by Logi Reports from insightsoftware (formerly Logi Analytics)  as an embedded reporting solution starting with InterSystems IRIS and IRIS for Health 2020.1. InterSystems Reports provide a modern, drag and drop reporting solution for InterSystems customers and partners.  

We expect to transition Zen Reports to an independent package using IPM (InterSystems Package Manager) and to stop shipping Zen Reports with InterSystems IRIS and IRIS for Health version 2025.1. Zen Reports will continue to be available as an ipm module and may be distributed but will not be maintained by InterSystems.  The WRC will continue to provide support on prior versions of Cache and IRIS that contain Zen Reports but no updates are expected to Zen Reports software.

For more information on getting started with InterSystems Reports:
InterSystems Learning Path

InterSystems documentation

Global Summit session: Intersystems Application Services' move from Zen Reports to InterSystems Reports

insightsoftware's Logi Report documentation and tutorial


Please comment below or contact with any questions about this announcement.  

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and I could be incorrect as I don't speak for InterSystems but I read this message as 

  1. %ZEN.Report* won't be included in standard ISC kits in the future, ie the kits will be slightly smaller.
  2. You can always get this code using IPM
  3. As reported in the past, ZEN Reports are deprecated which means no more enhancements, maybe even means no bug fixes.  Maybe(my guess) this means at some point %ZEN.Report* will become open sourced and we can contribute where needed... but again that's purely a guess.

I'm a big user/developer of ZEN Reports and it is important that I still have the ability to utilize ZEN Reports.  At the same time, it just might be the time to look at what LogiReport offers and see if it's on the whole, a better reporting environment.

Steve is correct that our plan is to make Zen Reports available as an IPM module so that those who continue to use Zen Reports can package it into their applications.

InterSystems Reports, which packages Logi Report, does have APIs -- see this documentation.   It also includes the ability to schedule reports to be sent as email attachments (pdf, csv, html,xls and any combination of those) or to publish to a printer, fax, or file system.  

Let me know about use cases you think will not be addressed.  I am certain I don't know all the creative ways our partners have been using Zen reports.