Anastasia Dyubaylo · Aug 15

Incredible Milestones: 10K...11K...5M... on InterSystems Developer Community!

Hello, Members of the Community!

We're so proud to announce that our InterSystems Developer Community has reached a couple of HUGE milestones:

📝 10,000 published posts

👥 11,000 registered members

👁 5,000,000 reads (it's five million!)

We'd like to congratulate you, our dear members, and us (admins, content managers, and moderators) on reaching 11K members, 10K posts, and 5M 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋 views! We are so proud to be part of this success, that has been created solely by and thanks to you!

We'd like to thank each and every one of you for being part of our group of like-minded people! Thank you for asking questions and starting conversations! For sharing your knowledge and your successes! For giving us suggestions and making us think and thus become better and more useful to you! You're keeping this Community alive and thriving! We are very glad to have you with us! ❤️

And to make this occasion even more festive...

The Developer Community Discord channel reached 500 members! 🎉 Still have a lot of work in front of us in this direction, but we're up to the challenge. And we're hoping you will join us there as well to get even more useful info and ideas. Join here >>

Thanks again! And let's grow together!

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Wow! It's awesome! Great to see that the Community is growing!

Congratulations on such an amazing set of milestones!!  Great work everyone :)

I do have a question about the Discord channel ... wouldn't Q&A on the Discord channel dilute content on the D.C.? Or is the Discord channel for a different purpose than asking questions and sharing knowledge about InterSystems products?

I see discord as an additional way to get in touch with the community. And there is possible to be online and get answers a bit faster.

@Dmitry Maslennikov  - does the knowledge that is captured in Discord make its way back into the D.C.?  If not then I think the rest of our users are missing out (and joining Discord shouldn't be a requirement for all D.C. members)

Hi @Ben Spead! Discord gives the pleasure of instant conversation and audio/video calls. It can save hours of time for developers, helps to learn faster and gives extra experience and knowledge. 

So, yes, Discord is not a requirement and it doesn’t ideally suite as a knowledge base but it shows itself as a helpful tool for the developer community as a perfect tool for communication.

Thanks for the clarification!  So Discord is more for synchronous communication while the D.C. is Async and long-term knowledge repository?  If so, please be encouraging people to share their answers on the D.C. if they find them on Discord via real time conversations :)  

Congrats! I am proud to be part of this history.

I love the Dev Community and how we all help each other learn more and more!

It's great to see large numbers of Developers joining the Community.  Here's to you and your success in building amazing solutions that have great impact in the world!

Congratulations, Great milestones!!  Nice work everyone :)

Congratulation... next challenge... 15,000 members and 10,000,000 views  🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

Congratulations!  The Developer Community is a invaluable tool for InterSystems customers.