· Jun 10, 2019 2m read

GitHub now supports ObjectScript

Hey developers,

I have great news for you. A few days ago, GitHub was updated with the latest version of linguist project, which is being used to recognize source code types in repositories. It helps to determine which programming language had been used in every file of the repository. Repository statistics section shows the results of this module work.


Also, you can search across all available GitHub repositories for any chosen language. 

For example, see the statistics of languages of the lingust project itself.

And the latest linguist release comes recognizes ObjectScript syntax!

The level of highlighting is not that perfect as I expected. Lunguist uses TextMate grammar defined in this repository. It is based on what I used in VSCode extension for ObjectScript. So, ideally, it should have very similar highlighting. If you have any ideas about how to improve our TextMate grammar for ObjectScript, you are very welcome.

So, GitHub now can recognize files with CLS extension as ObjectScript code.

It does not recognize any other our types, such as MAC, INT, INC. It may count it as a different language or ignore it at all. But f you can change this behavior for your repository by changing .gitattributes file.

# Example of a `.gitattributes` file which reclassifies `.mac` and `.inc` files as ObjectScript:
*.mac linguist-language=ObjectScript
*.inc linguist-language=ObjectScript

The change only affects statistics, but not the syntax highlighting. So, mac and inc still be shown without any highlighting.

When you add this file in your repository, statistics now will count this file, and syntax highlight will work as well.

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