· Dec 22, 2022

InterSystems IRIS.DAT file corrupted

Hi Community,

My IRIS.DAT file is corrupted on one of my Edge productions in the development environment and as a result, I cannot start production.

I would like to recover it if there is a way to do so, please assist.



Product version: IRIS 2020.2
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^INTEGRIT is the simplest way to check integrity.  Run the integrity check output to a file and contact WRC, as others have said, if you have support.  The most direct way to resolve database errors is to restore from a good backup and replay journals.  If you can't do that, the other alternatives almost always involve loss of information.  The WRC has specialists who understand database internals, and WRC always wants to investigate for the root cause of any database problems.


When you say "corrupted" to better understand...
- Did you try to mount the DB (from the SMP of with ^MOUNT)? Sometimes if IRIS/Cache was "forced" than a *.lck file on the DB folder need to be deleted in order to allow a successful mount. 
- If the DB is mounted, did you got a <DATABASE> (or other) error? if so, then what was said using ^Integrity and ^Repair could help - but only if you fully understand how to use those tools (!) Most of the time, a corrupted DB is fixable using those tools, or at least data can be 99% recovered. Depending on the number of errors: if its huge than sometimes it is faster to recover the DB from a valid backup + journal files. 

BTW - if this is a mirrored DB than there are other considerations as well. 

Happy new year!