· Mar 13, 2020

Installation on MacOS Catalina - Private web server not started

Hi All, 

So after finally getting cache to install (by enabling root user and disabling the gatekeeper) it tells me that it has started with one alert... that is "Private web server has not started after 5 seconds." - urgh!

Obviously i need access to the management portal to continue setup, I've done lots of googling but i cant find anything on this, does anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks, 


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Hi thanks for the reply, yes it’s for development purposes. The production servers are actually on windows servers. 

The latest cache version for Mac, 2018 I think? I can confirm tomorrow and add the cconsole.log nothing else was particularly remarkable in the logs though. 

any good guides on docker images for cache? I’m not too familiar with that...

thanks for the help so far.

So, to get own docker-running Cache, is quite easy.

You just need docker desktop installed on your mac. Then when it installed, and running. You'll be able to run it from the terminal by command.

docker run -d --name cache \
  -p 1973:1972 \
  -p 57773:57772 \
  -v $HOME/cache.key:/usr/cachesys/mgr/cache.key \

It supposed that you have valid cache.key in your home directory. And that your ports 1973 and 57773 is free to use. If you would like to change the port just change 1973 and 57773 with any you'd like to use.

This command will download the image (daimor/intersystems-cache:2018.1) from the public repository, and run it in the background.

You can control the running container by commands, wherein all subsequent commands cache is the name of the container from the docker run command.

To see cconsole.log of the container.

docker logs cache

To look at the status of the container

docker ps cache

Stop running container

docker stop cache

This is just an empty instance, to look at how it works. In the real case scenario, some more work should be done.

Docker images for Cache or for Ensemble are provided by me, and it is available for different versions.

Nowadays is best to migrate to IRIS, and use official images provided by InterSystems itself.

And the next step for you would be to use an editor that can be run on macOS, instead of Studio which working only on Windows.  

And you can use VSCode editor with an extension VSCode-ObjectScript, developed by me. 

I would recommend reading here articles tagged by Docker. There much more information about how to best use it. 

As well as about using VSCode.

You can contact me directly, if you need any help with establishing development process, with such modern tools as Docker and VSCode. or migrating to IRIS.

Thanks for the tips, much appreciated! I’ll get back to you on my success (hopefully) with this 

im using vscode and your plugin already, it’s very good, I’ve been following it for a long time, I don’t care much for eclipse and atelier, so glad you’ve added the intellisense in now too!

I’m not sure we can upgrade to iris with out current licences so for now I’m just trying to create a local dev environment on Mac, mostly because of the whole work from home movement. I had no issues setting it up in Mojave but it seems to have gotten a lot more difficult since!

id love to contribute to the project too if I can, let me know if there’s anything you need.



Hi Dan

Yes, as Dmitry I haven't been installing software for a while on my Mac as I use containers that leave it cleaner.

I know you probably have version constraints but make sure to check-out on the InterSystems Docker Hub and find out the official versions available as community editions (CE) that do not require keys and those available via the InterSystems DC.

All the best with this new technology