· Jan 11

How to quickly open class in VS Code

Is there an easy way to open classes in VS Code?

In studio you go open and just type the class name and it opens up the class. 

In VS Code need to know the full path, is there a quick way? It is probably the one thing preventing from using VSCode full time (apart from not seeing the .luts or csp files)

Product version: IRIS 2022.1
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It would be great to have a cheat-sheet for all of these keyboard shortcuts and other tricks, especially in terms of "if you used to do X in Studio, here's how to do that in VS Code".

A few months ago I happened across the incantation for the VS Code equivalent of Studio's "Find in Files" (free text search of server-side classes) but forgot the key combination and haven't had the time to try to figure out which docs to check and guess at whether it's a standard feature of VS Code or of the ObjectScript plug-in.

For VS Code's native Search facility to search the server-side code your ISFS workspace gives you access to you must follow the instructions in the "Enable Proposed APIs" section of the extension's README (which is also available here). One of the steps will have to be repeated each time your InterSystems ObjectScript extension gets upgraded from MarketPlace with a new version.