Simcha Gershon · Aug 6, 2017

How to Limit User Access to One Namespace Only

Hi Everybody

Question , I need to define a user that will be limited to only to one namespace.

I defined the start up namespace in the user's definition , but it doesn't limit the user.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you Simcha

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User roles should be limited to databases in that namespace.

If this user should also be programmer you can create a new role copying from %Developer
and then remove the DB's that you want him to lock out like this  just for NS = USER


Expanding on the earlier answers by Eduard and Robert:

A process will not be able to switch to a namespace (e.g. with Do $ZU(5,ns) or ZNAMESPACE ns or Set $NAMESPACE=ns or via Do ^%CD) unless the user holds the Read privilege on the database resource of the default globals database associated with that namespace.

To read about this, see the "Namespaces" subsection of this doc section.